EDG Goes to Main St!

7 Feb


Every designer knows each project starts at different points and develops from different elements, for Main Street Financial’s office we started at the floor plan. Some clients don’t want to invest in moving walls while others are ready to rip everything down, with Main Street some small tweaks in the floor plan allowed for superior circulation and overall better organizational flow.

blank (2)

old floor plan

By creating a new entrance space when clients arrive the whole mood changes, creating a more professional and formal feeling. Ultimately, this change started a ripple effect, allowing for a central space for support staff. Off from this central hallway 8 offices were better arranged. In addition, by adjusting the existing space the conference room was able to expand and gain some much needed natural light.

after (2)

new updated plan

The office’s bones have some unavoidable angles, so we used those angles to design to our advantage. One of the biggest improvements is the kitchenette previously in a cramped triangle of space now has plenty of space for lunch breaks. Finally, by reworking the walls and space we were able to get more storage closets.

This is where the design started, stay tuned as the design takes shape in real life.


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