Candice’s Pick of the Week

11 Feb

Candice is one of Environmental Design Group’s newest additions bringing innovative and fresh ideas in. This week Candice as chosen a B&N Industries Iconic Panel for her pick of the week.

ImageIconic Panels are created using an innovative process of formed laminate over a carved wood core. Incredibly durable, they can be sawed, nailed, screwed, glued, or simply mounted on walls with B&N’s special Panel Cleats. Iconic Panels can also be easily outfitted with any of our shelving and accessory hardware. Iconic Panels are also available with LEED-qualified, fire-rated, or water resistant cores. These panels are also available in Western Redwood, Oregon Black, Walnut, and Old Growth Douglas Fir.



Candice chose this product because she truly enjoyed the way it will make peoples heads turn! She also felt that Iconic Panels provide high levels of functionality and aesthetics. Candice believes the options with these panels are unlimited which makes for awesome creative freedom. You can chose from already created design sets or create your own. Candice definitely brings a fresh flair to EDG and her pick Iconic Panels would breathe fresh life into any space! 


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