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Anna’s Pick of the Week

1 Mar


This weeks pick comes from Anna, one of EDG’s newer designers who is typically inspired by the world around her. This week Anna was feeling inspired by the return of spring and bringing the outdoors in, this being said Anna chose “The Lake House” by Mark Dziewulski Architects.
The lake house is 8,694 square feet of concrete, steel and glass. It took four years to complete this stunning residence and the architects designed the five stories in such a manner that the light-flooded interior spaces get the best views from the nearby Lake Tahoe. The Lake house also features four bedrooms, four baths, on a half acre property including a private pier. Stand out elements in this home would be a glass elevator and stairwell. While this was a four year build with a heavy financial commitment once the Lake House was built the inspiration comes free.
Anna chose the lake house based on its unusual and dynamic elements. Anna particularly liked how the home is completely modern but by using walls of glass the homeowner is living in nature as well. In addition, Anna felt this home is the perfect balance of design and simplicity. Finally, nature provides an ever changing color scheme that the homeowner should look forward to what each season brings.


Selene’s Pick of the Week

22 Feb


Selene has been with EDG almost a year and shows her refined taste with this weeks pick. Selene like all good designers know good design doesn’t always have to be “big”. Instead Selene’s pick this week is a very cool restaurant called Fastvinic in Barcelona Spain.

ImageFastvinic was born as a environmental and sustainable project, as well as getting a functional and defuse space where the client could flow around the space enjoying the self-service concept. The space has two levels, the ground floor with kitchen and dining-room and the underground with bathrooms and service office. All the elements are designed to be recycled and dismantled. The kitchen, located on the entrance it´s been designed as a domestic space because of the colors and the materials, and has the intention to work like a window-shopping where the client before choose the menu could enjoy watching the domestic process of the kitchen.


Selene’s biggest reason for choosing this place is because of its casual and breezy design. Selene loves the color palette and use of wood as well. It’s also a sustainable building. The have potted plants above all the seating to help with the regeneration of oxygen which Selene particularly enjoyed and thought it was very unique. The different types of seating are also pretty cool since they do not use traditional upholstered booth seating. Selene also liked how they allowed for the kitchen to have a glass wall so that everyone can see inside as the chefs cook. Selene’s pick Fastvinic shows how great design can be done in any size space, and green design can be effortless chic! 

Presidents Day

18 Feb



Environmental Design Group would like everyone to have a very Presidential Day!

Happy Valentines Day

14 Feb



Environmental Design Group wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day

Candice’s Pick of the Week

11 Feb

Candice is one of Environmental Design Group’s newest additions bringing innovative and fresh ideas in. This week Candice as chosen a B&N Industries Iconic Panel for her pick of the week.

ImageIconic Panels are created using an innovative process of formed laminate over a carved wood core. Incredibly durable, they can be sawed, nailed, screwed, glued, or simply mounted on walls with B&N’s special Panel Cleats. Iconic Panels can also be easily outfitted with any of our shelving and accessory hardware. Iconic Panels are also available with LEED-qualified, fire-rated, or water resistant cores. These panels are also available in Western Redwood, Oregon Black, Walnut, and Old Growth Douglas Fir.



Candice chose this product because she truly enjoyed the way it will make peoples heads turn! She also felt that Iconic Panels provide high levels of functionality and aesthetics. Candice believes the options with these panels are unlimited which makes for awesome creative freedom. You can chose from already created design sets or create your own. Candice definitely brings a fresh flair to EDG and her pick Iconic Panels would breathe fresh life into any space! 

EDG Goes to Main St!

7 Feb


Every designer knows each project starts at different points and develops from different elements, for Main Street Financial’s office we started at the floor plan. Some clients don’t want to invest in moving walls while others are ready to rip everything down, with Main Street some small tweaks in the floor plan allowed for superior circulation and overall better organizational flow.

blank (2)

old floor plan

By creating a new entrance space when clients arrive the whole mood changes, creating a more professional and formal feeling. Ultimately, this change started a ripple effect, allowing for a central space for support staff. Off from this central hallway 8 offices were better arranged. In addition, by adjusting the existing space the conference room was able to expand and gain some much needed natural light.

after (2)

new updated plan

The office’s bones have some unavoidable angles, so we used those angles to design to our advantage. One of the biggest improvements is the kitchenette previously in a cramped triangle of space now has plenty of space for lunch breaks. Finally, by reworking the walls and space we were able to get more storage closets.

This is where the design started, stay tuned as the design takes shape in real life.

Atousha’s Pick of the Week

1 Feb


Atousha has been with Environmental Design group the longest, while she is young in age she brings an old wisdom to all of her work. Atousha decided to think a bit outside the box this week and chose an surreal building in Paris for her pick of the week. To be specific Atousha chose La Philharmonie de Paris 2, a design competition winner by Jean Nouvel.


This design concept and model are truly remarkable and unique. This building was designed to be built in Parc de La Villette the french capital. The Philharmonie de Paris 2 is to seat 2,400 and provide a simple modern theatre to a country known for its detailed and over the top styles. The model and renderings are so realistic you can just imagine yourself in this beautifully sculptural space.


Atousha chose La Philharmonie de Paris 2 for its simple beauty and undeniable uniqueness. Atousha was also inspired by this auditorium because she herself is a musician.  While designing an auditorium for her senior thesis Atousha heard about this competition winning auditorium and had to check it out for herself. To this day Atousha won’t forget how this auditorium model gained attention while she was working on her thesis auditorium. Do your hobbies like music influence your design?