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Anna’s Pick of the Week

1 Mar


This weeks pick comes from Anna, one of EDG’s newer designers who is typically inspired by the world around her. This week Anna was feeling inspired by the return of spring and bringing the outdoors in, this being said Anna chose “The Lake House” by Mark Dziewulski Architects.
The lake house is 8,694 square feet of concrete, steel and glass. It took four years to complete this stunning residence and the architects designed the five stories in such a manner that the light-flooded interior spaces get the best views from the nearby Lake Tahoe. The Lake house also features four bedrooms, four baths, on a half acre property including a private pier. Stand out elements in this home would be a glass elevator and stairwell. While this was a four year build with a heavy financial commitment once the Lake House was built the inspiration comes free.
Anna chose the lake house based on its unusual and dynamic elements. Anna particularly liked how the home is completely modern but by using walls of glass the homeowner is living in nature as well. In addition, Anna felt this home is the perfect balance of design and simplicity. Finally, nature provides an ever changing color scheme that the homeowner should look forward to what each season brings.


Roula’s Pick of the Week

27 Dec

Fluxus customizable chandelier for Andromeda, 2009

Roula is one of Environmental Design Group’s Senior Designers with a resume that would make any seasoned Designer blush, this being said Roula’s pick of the week is nothing less than extraordinary.


Karim Rashid’s Kit 24 house in Toronto

Roula chose the designer Karim Rashid for her pick of the week. For those who don’t know Karim Rashid is a very talented designer who has over 3,000 designs in production, over 300 awards and is working in 40 different countries.  Rashid has designed luxury goods, furniture, lighting, tech products and packaging. Alessi, Christofle, 3M, Vondom, Artemide, Asus, Samsung, Citibank, Sony Ericsson, Kenzo and Hugo Boss are just a few of the many recognizable brands Rashid has worked with.  Rashid’s talent for design has expanded past objects and into interior spaces with award winning projects such as the Morimoto restaurant in Philadelphia, Semiramis Hotel in Athens and a design exhibition for Deutsche Bank and Audi. Rashid is currently featured in galleries worldwide and has won the Red Dot Award, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, and IDSA Industrial Design Excellence Award. Rashid also shares his knowledge and artistic ability by frequent guest lectures at Universities and conferences, writing books including do it yourself and design guides. 


Karim Rashid’s Dirt Devil design

Roula chose Karim Rashid for her pick of the week for his interesting and innovative designs. Rashid has a flair for the unique and brilliant that spans far past interior design into countless product designs. Karim Rashid’s originality and history of outstanding design made him a clear chose for Roula’s pick of the week.

All Photo Credit Karim Rashid’s website: karimrashid.com