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Selene’s Pick of the Week

22 Feb


Selene has been with EDG almost a year and shows her refined taste with this weeks pick. Selene like all good designers know good design doesn’t always have to be “big”. Instead Selene’s pick this week is a very cool restaurant called Fastvinic in Barcelona Spain.

ImageFastvinic was born as a environmental and sustainable project, as well as getting a functional and defuse space where the client could flow around the space enjoying the self-service concept. The space has two levels, the ground floor with kitchen and dining-room and the underground with bathrooms and service office. All the elements are designed to be recycled and dismantled. The kitchen, located on the entrance it´s been designed as a domestic space because of the colors and the materials, and has the intention to work like a window-shopping where the client before choose the menu could enjoy watching the domestic process of the kitchen.


Selene’s biggest reason for choosing this place is because of its casual and breezy design. Selene loves the color palette and use of wood as well. It’s also a sustainable building. The have potted plants above all the seating to help with the regeneration of oxygen which Selene particularly enjoyed and thought it was very unique. The different types of seating are also pretty cool since they do not use traditional upholstered booth seating. Selene also liked how they allowed for the kitchen to have a glass wall so that everyone can see inside as the chefs cook. Selene’s pick Fastvinic shows how great design can be done in any size space, and green design can be effortless chic! 


Candice’s Pick of the Week

20 Dec


Candice is one of the newest editions to the Environmental Design Group family, that being said Candice also chose some new and exciting green design by Joost Bakker.  Joost for those who don’t know Joost is a Dutch-born fifth-generation tulip farmer, who has crossed disciplines to create installations that fuse nature with raw, industrial sensibility. This has encouraged conversations about sustainable design practices and the process. Joost is well known for large-scale public works and vertical gardens, and using “the stuff people throw out”.

ImageCandice was particularly fond of Joost’s Greenhouse Restaurant in Sydney Australia.  Candice really enjoyed the space’s edgy design combined with a really low eco footprint. This particular restaurant is made from roll formed steel coil, cladding made from recycled plywood and plastic. There are hundreds of straw bales in the walls and ceiling to provide insulation. There is a garden rooftop that provides all the fresh greens for the bar and restaurant. Even the furniture is made all out of recycled materials designed by Bakker himself.  Form and function made Joost Bakker’s designs Candice’s top pick of the week!