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Atousha’s Pick of the Week

1 Feb


Atousha has been with Environmental Design group the longest, while she is young in age she brings an old wisdom to all of her work. Atousha decided to think a bit outside the box this week and chose an surreal building in Paris for her pick of the week. To be specific Atousha chose La Philharmonie de Paris 2, a design competition winner by Jean Nouvel.


This design concept and model are truly remarkable and unique. This building was designed to be built in Parc de La Villette the french capital. The Philharmonie de Paris 2 is to seat 2,400 and provide a simple modern theatre to a country known for its detailed and over the top styles. The model and renderings are so realistic you can just imagine yourself in this beautifully sculptural space.


Atousha chose La Philharmonie de Paris 2 for its simple beauty and undeniable uniqueness. Atousha was also inspired by this auditorium because she herself is a musician. ¬†While designing an auditorium for her senior thesis Atousha heard about this competition winning auditorium and had to check it out for herself. To this day Atousha won’t forget how this auditorium model gained attention while she was working on her thesis auditorium. Do your hobbies like music influence your design?